A budget-friendly floor finish and a great alternative for garages and outdoor areas. GrindWorks recommends a non slip sealer additive to high weather areas, depending on your needs.

We offer a range of solvent or water based sealers, with varying degrees of durability and uv stability. A sealed floor is easy to maintain, however depending on traffic a sealed floor will always require a re-seal. A grind and sealed floor finish is not recommended for high foot traffic areas or homes with children or pets due to scrathing and or peeling.

With over 40 years of experience in the building industry, at GrindWorks, we are familiar with the most intricate details when to comes to a flooring jobs. During this span of four long decades, we have handled all sorts of concrete grinding and concrete sealing Melbourne projects.

It is no secret that concrete grinding and polishing offers immense aesthetic value to a concrete floor. At GrindWorks, we not only grind and seal your concrete floor, but make sure that every job we undertake matches the aesthetic expectations of our clients. With client satisfaction at the heart of our business values, we work with only the highest quality products and raw materials. Not to forget, by employing state-of-the-art concrete grinding and polishing technology, we ensure we get the best results in the most efficient manner.

If you are looking for hassle free concrete grinding services, GrindWorks is the right choice. Don’t take our word for it, get in touch with us and let our experience and expertise speak for itself.

Grind and Seal Process


Grind and Sealed concrete is an alternative to polished concrete, and is also suitable for exterior use, like entertaining areas, garages and basements.

The process includes grinding the concrete to desired exposure, a 3 step grouting process as used in polished concrete.

The floor is then finished to a #50 grit resin, vacuumed and prepared for sealing. The use of acrylic, solvent based or polyurethane sealers is available in a range of gloss levels and UV stability.

The addition of a non-slip additive is recommended for areas that are affected from weather elements. Grind and sealed concrete is susceptible to scratching and damage, GrindWorks recommends to not use this floor finish in homes with pets or in areas of high foot traffic.

GrindWorks can advise on the best application to suit your requirements.

Acid Etching Concrete Advantages


Grinding and sealing concrete presents some unique advantages:

Grinding is sealing is the lower cost alternative to grinding and polishing.

Grinding and sealing can be used to achieve different levels of exposure (for different purposes) in a concrete floor.

When you grind and seal a concrete floor, it makes the concrete “non-porous”. As a result, it does not stain easily and the aesthetic value of the floor can be maintained with minimal effort.

Grinding and sealing can be used to achieve a matte or glossy finish, depending on the needs of the client. Moreover, the technique can also be used to achieve a UV-resistant finish for outdoor surfaces.


A lot of factors are taken into consideration while calculating the cost of concrete grinding. The least you will have to pay is $4 per square foot.

Grinders equipped with diamond-segmented abrasives are used to grind down concrete surfaces. A chemical hardener is then applied to densify the concrete. The concrete is then polished using wet or dry methods.

Yes, we can. Grinding down exposed aggregate concrete will create a nice smooth surface that will expose the rocks, and is a lot easier to clean. This surface is then ready to be polished.

On any pass, you can expect to remove 1/16th of the concrete with normal grinding wheels and work, provided there is no sealer or glue on the surface.

After pouring concrete, one should typically wait for a minimum of 14 days for the concrete to dry out completely and become hard. Once it has become hard, you can grind the concrete.

Yes, you can. Concrete grinders of all types are available. All you need to do is select the coarseness of grinding discs that you are going to use.


Grind and Seal Concrete Floor


Concrete Grinding




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