Polished Concrete Floor

Top Tips for Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance

Polished concrete floors have become the number one choice for homeowners for their aesthetic and visual appeal and ability to make any space look modern, clean and sophisticated. Even though they have a visual charm, they also offer high functionality in elongated durability and structural integrity.

Polished concrete floors are often used for floor levelling in Melbourne. They require low maintenance and can retain their beauty for a long time, making your space look immaculate in every possible way. With the proper knowledge of care, you can keep them shining and in pristine condition for a long time. Here are some tips on the maintenance of polished concrete floors.

Perform Regular Cleaning

By employing regular cleaning at periodic intervals, you can efficiently prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust and any mess. It can also prevent any scratches and damage to the material. By using a soft broom or mop, you can effectively remove the dust particles, which could make the floor look tarnished and dirty. You can also use damp mopping to clean the surface with pure water. Using cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals and rugged scrubbing equipment for polished concrete floor maintenance can reduce the floor’s shine and make it look old.

Focus on Immediate Stain Removal

As soon as you see a stain on the floor, promptly act on it before it dries up, as it would be difficult to clean after drying. In case of spillage, immediately use a damp cloth to wipe it clean, and you can gently scrub the solids to prevent any scratches. Always use pH-neutral cleaning liquids, as acidic cleaning agents can make the floor look dull. Prevent any slip or fall risks by promptly tending to the stains and spills.

Don’t Overlook Resealing

You may sometimes be required to reseal your concrete floor to prevent any damage or cracks. As a rule, people usually reseal their polished concrete floor once every year to retain its beauty and structural integrity. Still, the interval can vary based on the extent of usage and the kind of treatment – rough or smooth. You should always consult a professional to reseal your polished concrete floor as they can provide learned recommendations and services on maintenance.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It is always better to have preventive maintenance measures in place to counter any form of damage or tarnish. Placing furniture pads or using carpets, rugs, and mats can protect your polished rugs rather than worrying about damage. Especially for those people who experience high footfall and regular floor usage in offices and malls, it is always advisable to use pads and rugs. High-absorbent rugs can also help in dealing with spills and stains effectively. You must also inspect the floor periodically to investigate any signs of damage or wear and tear to act on it before it is too late and the damage becomes severe.


Even though polished concrete floors improve the shine of your home or property, they deserve the best care and attention to keep providing you with a lifetime of benefits. Always consult a professional at regular intervals for deep cleaning other than cleaning it yourself at regular intervals.