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Maintaining Polished Concrete

The benefits of a polished concrete floor is its ease of cleaning. Unlike tiles or textured finishes that are prone to holding dirt and grime. To keep your polished concrete floor clean you simply sweep the floor, removing all dust, then mop the floor with a low PH natural cleaner available from leading supermarkets and cleaning suppliers. This will keep your polished concrete looking like new for many years to come.

Polished Concrete and Asthma or Allergies

Polished concrete is the best floor covering for those who suffer from allergies or asthma . Polished concrete flooring does not hold or retain dirt, dust or mould unlike other floor coverings such as carpet.

Pets and Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is very  pet friendly as it’s non toxic, scratch resistant, resist  to pet odours and stains and doesn’t trap fleas or mites.

Wet Areas

Polished concrete can become slippery once wet, very similar to tiles, vinyl, marble ect.

GrindWorks recommends a grind and seal non slip finish or Acid etching to areas that are prone to being wet, for example, shower bases outdoor areas and pools.

Concrete Flooring Cost

Whilst considered to be an expensive floor covering, compared with other high-end floor options, such as ceramic tile, slate and marble, decorative concrete is often an economical alternative offering a long lasting sustainable finish that will  look just as beautiful 10 years from competition.

Concrete Grinding/Polishing Procedure New/Existing Floors

In a new build, we recommend an open cut. This is done after the concrete slab has cured and before any work commences on the frame. We grind the concrete to the desired exposure, and at this stage you can continue with the build getting to lock up/plaster and prior to any cabinetry and joinery or skirting being installed we come back and polish the concrete to the desired gloss level.

With existing floors we recommend all furniture, cabinety, heating/cooling vents, smoke dectectors and other house hold items be removed or protected.

After finishing the polishing procedure we recommend covering the floor with a breathable product such as RAM board. We advise against using any plastic and adhesives coverings on the floor, that won’t allow the floor to breath and consequently make the floor sweat resulting in the floor being damaged.

Removal of Concrete Dust

GrindWorks use the very best in dust extraction to eliminate as much dust as possible. As a by product of grinding you are left with bagged dust. Options are to provide a skip or other alternatives for the bags to be placed for rubbish disposal. If you wish for the bags to be taken away upon completion please speak to the GrindWorks team as additional charges may apply.

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