Acid Etching Concrete Melbourne

Acid etched concrete is a stunning non slip outdoor finish.

Suitable for swimming pools, outdoor entertaining areas, pathways and drive ways. Unlike traditional exposed aggregate concrete it is comfortable under foot.

Acid Etching Concrete Solutions Melbourne

At GrindWorks, we believe in providing lasting solutions. Our acid etching concrete process makes outdoor flooring versatile and safe for all year-round use. With the acid etching process, our experts ensure your outdoor space has a seamless and beautiful texture, alleviating your experience using the area. We use the latest technology, quality products and reliable processes for unmatched results.

Acid Etching Concrete Process


GrindWorks Acid Etched concrete is achieved by grinding the concrete to full exposure.

Through a series of finer grit diamonds ensures the removal of scratches and the concrete is then ready to be “Acid Etched”.

A 50% Hydrochloric Acid and 50% water mix is broomed around evenly allowing the concrete to be “Etched” around the stone offering a flat under foot, non-slip finish ideal for driveways, swimming pools and outdoor entertaining areas.

The concrete is then washed with high pressure, dried and sealed with a UV stable polyurethane sealer, delivering a beautiful and long lasting non slip alternative to timber and paving.

The Advantages of Acid Etching


  • Acid etching concrete is a fantastic way to enhance the look and feel of your new or existing concrete floor. While the flooring technique has traditionally been used for driveways and patios, the non-slippery properties of acid etched concrete make it perfect for backyards and pool areas. In fact, this property contribute to making these areas safer.
  • The advantages of acid etching, however, are not limited to the friction they offer. If you’re renovating and thinking of painting or simply covering your concrete flooring with a protective sealant, doing so can be difficult as concrete surfaces can often be too hard or too smooth to accept and bond with new materials. With acid etching, the “pores” of the concrete open up, making it ready for any kind of treatment after that. Sure, there are other ways to achieve similar results. However, acid etching concrete is by far, the most efficient.
  • At GrindWorks, we take great pride in our experience and craftsmanship. Our team (or family) consistently goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are treated with the highest quality standards of work. We make this possible by maintaining clear communication with our clients, while promising 100% commitment to quality and timelines. This attitude has helped us work with hundreds of happy clients over the past four decades. Is your floor going to be the next? Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote!


It is the process of washing concrete with an acid-based solution made of 50% Hydrochloric acid and 50% water. This allows the concrete to be etched around the stone.

With acid etching, the pores of the concrete open up, making it ready for any kind of treatment. Also, the non-slippery property of an acid-etched concrete makes it ideal for backyards, driveways, and pools.

A 50% Hydrochloric Acid and 50% water mix is broomed around, evenly allowing the concrete to be etched around the stone. The concrete is then washed with high pressure, dried, and sealed with a UV stable polyurethane sealer.

No, we cannot. The purpose of acid etching concrete is to allow the solution to come in contact with the substrate. The paint on it will prevent that from happening.

The first thing after etching concrete is allowing the surface to dry. There are various kinds of concrete etchers. If you have bought a specific product, such as an acid wash, make sure to follow the company’s guidelines and instructions on how to apply it best. Depending what concentrates you have used (if any) will depend on how long to wait before applying paint or stain. Generally speaking, though, it would be at least 4 days before foot traffic and 10 days before vehicle traffic or paint applications so that time is needed for all the components to set in properly.

Hydrochloric acid is the typical acid used to etch concrete, also known as muriatic acid. However, it is a hazardous substance that professionals best handle. Here is the entire process for etching.

  • Clean up and get the concrete ready.
  • Dampen the entire area with a hose.
  • Use a sprayer to apply the acid thoroughly 
  • Wait for the acid to react to the space.
  • Rinse the floor and let it air dry.
  • After etching, use the epoxy or sealer.


Acid Etching Concrete Before And After


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