Top Three Tips To Keep The Polish On Concrete Floor Intact

So, did you just go in with the raving trends and install the most aesthetically appealing polished concrete floors in your space? We are sure you feel proud as an owner — not only because of the beauty the floor exudes and imbibes to the room but also of your farsighted choice about the flooring material. A polished concrete floor is an excellent way to welcome a posh and shiny, gleaming and glossy base to your space. What’s more? Your floor shall be able to stand the ravages of weather and time. Want more brownie points? These are much economical to install and maintain compared to other flooring options and last you for decades with even minimal maintenance.

How To Love And Care For Your Polished Concrete Floors?

The maintenance need of your polished concrete flooring is directly proportional to the volume of traffic the room deals with. Many decorative concrete-flooring options need waxing or sealing – not polished concrete. If all these benefits lure you into installing this flooring in your space, GrindWorks in Melbourne concrete polishing. With four decades of experience, this family-run team, with a battery of positive customer reviews, proudly specialises in all kinds of concrete floorings and finishings. Now let us give you an idea about the care regimen for your polished concrete floors:

Follow A Proper Maintenance Schedule

Once your floors go through concrete levelling in Melbourne followed by polishing, do not assume that your duty is all over. Do you want your shiny floor to look and feel like sandpaper again? Well, that’s how dust and debris can affect your polished concrete floor. The more the traffic, the more the chances of the wear. As a precaution, a regular maintenance schedule is a must. Also, never underestimate the power of day-t0-day mop and sweep

Always Use The Right Cleaning Tools And Agents

Your regular maintenance schedule will be of no use if you don’t use the right tools and techniques to clean your polished concrete floors. Typically, cleaning concrete can be broadly categorised into – manual and automatic. For the former, a microfibre dust mop may help to remove the abrasive debris. This would protect your floor from any scratches. When wet mopping becomes necessary, use mops that have soft heads. Also, always remember to use a clean mop (both in dry and wet cleaning) and clean water too. Remember to tackle spills and stains as soon as possible. This shall prevent any elements from penetrating the surface of the concrete. To clean larger concrete floor areas, using a non abrasive automatic floor scrubber becomes necessary. The softness protects the gloss and shine of the floor. This ensures that your floor does not become dull or worn out. When using a wet mop, using a cleaning agent becomes imperative. Here also, you need to use mild neutral cleaners as harsh chemicals will harm the polished surface.

Protect Your Floors From Harmful Elements

Some elements can mar the beauty of your polished concrete floors. Take, for example, wax. With polished concrete, you don’t need waxing to maintain its shine. In fact, wax can dull the finish on your floor. Likewise, adhesives, like those used in tapes, can also take away the gleam from the floor. Similarly, even degreasers should be avoided since they have abrasive properties that can discolour

and mar the floor’s finish. During the initial days of installation, it is suggested to prevent contact with water.

Final Thoughts

We reiterate — polished concrete floors are not maintenance-free. But they demand far less tender loving care than other flooring choices. Just when you thought your polished concrete floors could not yield any further returns for your investment, we leave you with this happy news – they are an allergy-free flooring option! Now that you see that just one flooring choice can bring you so many perks, we are sure you would not mind the little time and toil for its upkeep.