Quick and Super Affordable Flooring Options for Your Garage

Garages are made to look greasy and untidy. And we highly contradict this fact.  It’s very rare that homeowners like you think of beautifying it. Often you think of beautifying your garage only when you are done with the decorating of your entire house. Of course, you are short of funds and there’s this dilemma of transforming your garage within this limited fund. And do you think your floor can’t be changed within this budget? Then let us prove you wrong today!

Some Inexpensive and Quick Garage Flooring Options to Consider

We are sure your garage floor is a tell-tale of the heavy weight of the cars and the leaks of the fuel and more such messy incidents. There is a need to change the floor very frequently because of these reasons. Otherwise, your garage is sure to look very messy and dirty. And if you are looking for a no heavy expense option that makes your garage looks like new again, then keep reading:

Roll Out Vinyl Flooring – Just as the name suggests, this kind of vinyl flooring just needs you to roll it out and spread across the garage floor. You’ll find a magical transformation in your garage without any ugly scratches and untidy marks with just a little investment.

Installation of Concrete Floor – If the old garage floor is really tattered and damaged, then don’t hesitate to lay a fresh new layer of concrete over it. Concrete is a very budget friendly option for places like a garage. And if you desire an extra gleam and shine in this space, then you can even consider calling GrindWorks in Melbourne for concrete polishing. They are really a good team of workers who ensure to lay the concrete perfectly and process it as per the requirements in your area.

Concrete Grinding and Polishing – You are really lucky if your old garage flooring was made of concrete. There is always the option of either painting or concrete grinding and polishing it. This will hide all the ugly stains and cracks on the floor and even make the new layer last longer than you can expect.

Garage Carpet – You think carpet in the garage is not a good idea? Well, try laying out the layer at least once! There is a type of carpet that is especially made for garages which is really tough, thick, and strong. These actually don’t cost you much and even take the least possible time in installation. And yes, when you use these in your garage, it stays in its place for years.

Epoxy Floor – Your garage would look all the more inviting if you try epoxy flooring over it. The layer of epoxy is tough as a mountain, and it won’t let your garage floor get further damaged. And since this layer can be really attractive, you’ll find a smart vibe in your garage.

Super glad, aren’t you? Who thought garage flooring transformation would be so easy, quick, and economical? Now that the options are open and so inviting, why don’t you try these immediately? We are sure your garage would look just as wonderful as your entire house.

The Trendy Home Décor Designs that the Pandemic Brought About

One thing is for sure! Life is never going to be the same post pandemic. Apart from adapting to the new normal, we have also seen some mindful changes in the home décor trends. Why? Because people are more concerned about staying indoors for the maximum amount of time and it’s necessary to create a house that is completely functional and even brings some elements of outdoors inside. Well, we thought of collecting all those recent trending ideas in a post so that you can adorn your home likewise.

Some Home Décor Trends to Try This Year and After It

If this pandemic instigated you to redesign your home as well, then you’re surely looking for some trending ideas to embrace in your home décor theme. Well, from guiding you about concrete polishing in Melbourne to adopting a certain kind of furniture and picking a particular style of floor plan, we’ve got them all covered.

Biophilic Design – Biophilic basically means embracing nature as a closer participant in the home architecture and not just keeping it as a secondary element in the house. Today, lots of designers and homeowners prefer biophilic design trends in their house to feel as close to nature as they can. You can try growing some really interesting plants indoors, assign some space for your balcony, and even build an energy efficient home by circulating more natural light and air around the house. In a nutshell, you’re bringing the outdoors in, and this is going to be the future of home décor as well. (As the experts predict.)

Cement in the House – Well, another practical change this pandemic brought about in the home décor world is making more space for cement or concrete in the house. Earlier, it was limited to only the porch and driveway, but today distressed theme décor is trending and making people feel more comfortable for it reduces the maintenance tasks. You’ll see concrete in the bathroom spaces such as sink and vanity counters, as kitchen islands, floors in the entire house in the form of polished concrete floor in Melbourne via Grind Works and so on. They definitely are pioneers in installing the most alluring form of concrete in your home and turn it into an ideal living space for all.

Broken Living Space Plans – Since pandemic brought everybody indoors at the same time, privacy was an important matter to consider in the homes. The houses with open floor plans suffered a lot. That’s why the trending living space plan henceforth is more diverted towards a broken floor plan that creates a boundary between rooms. This also fulfils the requirement of a separate space for home office since most people are working from home now. 

Extra Appealing Décor Items – Well, plain and minimalist décor design surely made everyone turn sour this lockdown – people wanted pizzazz. So, there is actually a great fluctuation here and home designers are incorporating as many trendy variants in designs and patterns as they can. And one thing is for sure – these should be unique and alluring like an exclusive looking abstract art or a vibrant looking decorative sculpture and so on.

Now that the fear of staying outdoors prevails so much, everyone is busy turning the indoors as magnificent and entertaining as possible – and of course, relaxing. This also leaves a lot of room for gardening to keep everyone busy, adding an entertaining space like a game room in the house, adding mood lighting for a lovely effect, and so on.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Choosing The Right Floor Solution For Your Home!

There has been a revolution in the flooring materials and styles recently. It is natural to get confused when choosing the right floor solution for your home. Sometimes you are confused at the time of buying the new floors; and at times you are doubtful about the treatment to opt for the beautification of the floor. A good list of dos and don’t at this time is certainly very welcoming, isn’t it?

Ø Tips For The Ideal Floor Solution For Your Home:

When it comes to beautifying your house, even pretty small matters like whether to opt for concrete grinding and polishing on your old floors or installing new ones seems confusing. What if the results aren’t as expected! So many doubts tend to hinder your thoughts. Well, to help you out in sorting such floor beautifying issues and even selecting the right floor type for your home, we have got a brief list of dos and don’ts.

o   Do consider your home’s layout when selecting a type of floor — When you intend to install a new floor in your home do remember to consider your house’s layout in your mind. Accordingly pick the tile or concrete or timber that seems the most suitable for your home. Like, if you are going for an open floor plan, choosing a similar tile or concrete for the entire house gives it a clean and seamless look.

o   Don’t forget the house decor theme when revamping or replacing the floor — Sometimes you don’t go for an entire house renovation, you just revamp your floor for a new look. But even when you are doing so, don’t forget to keep your decor theme in mind. Like, if you are opting for a certain polished concrete in Melbourne via GrindWorks, you should pick the stain matching your house décor. They do a fabulous job of beautifying and renovating your concrete and making it look new all over again. The same logic applies when you are polishing your hardwood floors. Similarly, if you are opting for new tiles, remember to pick the design or colour that matches your interiors well.

o   Do keep the weather conditions in mind —When you are selecting a new floor for your home, remember to keep the weather conditions in mind. Like, if your house is in a region where you see lots of rainfall, then opting for a hardwood floor wouldn’t be wise.

o   Don’t forget your lifestyle when renovating — Often when revamping your floor, you tend to pick a style that is not suitable for your lifestyle. Like, if you go for an entirely smooth polished finish on your concrete, it might be very slippery and not at all kid-friendly. So, you should better go for an exposed aggregate solution instead or any other treatment that is more suitable for your lifestyle.

These tips will definitely reduce your confusion when you are revamping or replacing your floor. Remember, the floor is a very prominent part of your home. Never take any decision regarding it in a hurry or in a state of confusion.

5 Tips To Buy Refurbished Wheels!

Refurbished wheels are great options to consider when you don’t want to invest double the money in getting new ones. These look just like new and are long-lasting too. They are especially repaired and given a new look after being damaged in an accident during the first few months of manufacturing. But not all refurbished wheels are great. Sometimes you get duped while buying them. That is why it’s best to consider some important things when purchasing them.

How To Get Your Hands On The Best Refurbished Wheels?

Revamping your car requires a few important steps. You just have to go for a vinyl wrap in Melbourne to spruce it up and then get your wheels refurbished. But in order to get only the best (refurbished) wheels for your vehicle, keep these things in mind.

o   Check The Source First – When you decide to get a refurbished wheel, get it only from trusted sources like Glossworks providing alloy wheel repair in Melbourne and refurbished wheels. They tend to even refurbish your existing wheels and transform them wonderfully. If you are not getting the wheels from the right sources, they are definitely not going to last for long and work great with your vehicle.

 o   Keep the size in mind — Don’t ever buy a refurbished wheel just because it looks presentable. See to it that it matches the size of the car and fits properly in its position. Getting a wrong sized wheel will definitely be a drastic mistake.

 o   Inspect the wheels properly — Just because it’s refurbished, it might not be entirely perfect. You have to ensure that it’s totally alright and working fine by inspecting it thoroughly. From the rust to the scratches and even other minute details of the wheels should be checked while picking up a refurbished wheel.

 o   Check for the model and brand of the wheels — Refurbished wheels always belong to a certain brand and model. You have to keep in mind whether these match with your present car’s model. If not, then these wheels would give you issues very soon.

 o   Know the date of manufacture of the wheels — Mostly the refurbished wheels are the ones that are manufactured recently, showed some issues within a very short span of time, and then repaired perfectly like new. But if these are too old, then obviously these won’t be counted as reliable for your vehicle. Ensure that you are checking the manufacturing date of the tyres to see that you aren’t getting some old model in the name of refurbished wheels.

 o   Do take a trial —A test drive is compulsory after installing refurbished wheels in your car. You should also check the proper wheel alignment. Do take a ride around the area to see if these are working alright and your vehicle is absolutely acting fine and then pay for the same.

So, the next time you are visiting some dealers for installing refurbished wheels in your car, keep these pointers in mind — then you can make your purchase safely.

Essential Points to Consider when Sealing the Concrete!

Does your home exterior have concrete floors in a substantial area? Well, then the ground near the pool, the driveway, and other parts require a special treatment to maintain its beauty for long. This process is called sealing the concrete. And if we aren’t wrong, you may have already heard about this term the day you installed this floor in your property. It’s an essential process that guarantees a shield on your concrete floor against weather and other external damages. But all these happen only if you take note of some very important things when carrying out this procedure.

Important considerations when sealing the concrete floors!

Like any other surface material, concrete too needs some care and caution, no matter how minimal. Like, if you go for acid etching on concrete, it actually gives you tremendous positive results in making the floor appear cleaner and shinier. But, sealing the surface remains a primary concern as well. And if you want to ensure that your procedure of sealing the concrete turnouts perfectly well, then there are some important things to keep in mind while doing so.

o   A clean and dry surface — Whether you are doing it all by yourself or you are calling the professionals for concrete sealing in Melbourne from GrindWorks, remember to clean and dry the surface first. Then they’ll carry out this task of sealing this surface seamlessly within a very short period of time and provide you the best results. As a family-owned small business, their aim is to provide you personalised service right from the consultation to the service, for they take pride in their reputation. They offer top-grade concrete floor preparation, polishing, grinding, acid etching etc. However, if the floor is dirty and still wet, you’ll only waste the sealant on this surface along with the time and efforts of the professionals.

 o   If its new concrete – let it dry — Just as keeping the old concrete surface dry is important before the sealing process, ensure that if it’s freshly laid concrete, it’s totally dry before you carry out this step to guarantee best results.

 o   Avoid humid and wet weather — For better application and quicker drying process, remember to carry out the sealing process only during dry weather. Wait for the dry and sunny days.

 o   Thin layer of sealant is highly recommended— Our experts say, the best results and even application of the sealants is possible only if you apply them in thin layers. So, try to create a neat and really fine film of sealant when applying on the concrete.

 o   A second coat is highly recommended — No matter how much you try, sometimes some areas of a concrete floor remain unsealed. That is why it is highly recommended to go for a double layer for better results.

 o   Always pick the sealant according to your floor — You will get different variants of sealants for distinct types of concrete. Like — there would be myriad kinds of sealants each for coloured concrete, exposed aggregate surface, etc. According to your floor, pick the suitable sealant.

Sealing concrete so far remains a fabulous solution to ensure its extended durability and presentation. So, ensure you are doing it all perfectly – we are sure, our pointers would help.

Know The Essentials of Polished Concrete!

Lots and lots have been talked about concrete in all forms! From the beautifully decorated types to the stained ones, and even concrete with coatings on them. Similarly, the polished concrete is being talked about too. Wondering why? Well, it’s natural! It’s the most recommended type of concrete chosen by homeowners and even commercial property owners. Due to its incredible benefits and budget-friendly options, you’ll find more users lining up for polished concrete.

The very important questions about polished concrete!

Though polished concrete in Melbourne is too commonly used, some of you still aren’t fully aware of its properties. Having doubts about them is natural too. So, why not get more informed about this material to take full advantage of such a great substance?

o   What exactly is concrete polishing? —You probably are aware of this answer, but might be a little misinformed too. So, just to clear the air, concrete polishing isn’t just polishing the topmost layer of the floor with a coating or a sealant. But this is a very detailed procedure that involves concrete grinding in Melbourne, Grind Works ensures to do the best job on your floor with guaranteed results. This grinding process involves special refining of your concrete through diamond tooling. This in turn brings out the best sheen on your concrete after an added layer of polish on it.

o   Can damaged floors be polished? — Apparently, this entire process of polishing the concrete is mostly done to make the old, damaged surfaces look like new. And no doubt it’s a great success too. But remember, too many damages on the floor require careful handling while grinding and polishing, and only the best skilled people can do it perfectly for you.

o   Does polished means slippery and unsafe? Nope, not at all! Just because the polished concrete looks smooth and shiny, it isn’t actually slippery in reality. It’s a totally anti-skid surface that is tagged as one of the safest flooring options too.

o   What are the major benefits of polished concrete? — You’ll love the good points of polishing your concrete. It makes your floor appear bright and even improves reflectivity. The maintenance job decreases largely and even the condition of the floor improves. It actually provides a longer life to the concrete by reducing the wear of the surface and is a super quick procedure as well!

o   Are there any negative results of polished concrete? — You just can’t stay ignorant of the negative results of polishing the concrete as well. (Though these are very few). Polishing the concrete actually hardens the surface making it difficult to stand on it for long. And don’t forget, it turns colder in chilly temperature and heated during the scorching days! The polished concrete often even absorbs moisture from under the surface that leads to cracks and mould formation in course of time.

Let’s hope that all the essential information about polished concrete helps you a lot while you are thinking of considering this option for your property. As far as logic goes, this actually seems a very good option to try, and you shouldn’t back off from polishing your concrete floor.

The Concrete Floor in Bathrooms – Pros and Cons!

Concrete in basement, concrete in driveway – but concrete in bathrooms, how can this be possible? We say why isn’t it possible?! It’s a type of flooring after all! And just like ceramic and marble floors can fit anywhere in the house and that too very impressively, why do you underestimate concrete, and don’t even let it enter your bathroom? Don’t you know it went through great improvements recently and can look really enchanting anywhere? So, from now on, concrete in bathrooms is very much possible, but only after you know the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly.

The good and not so good things about installing concrete in your bathrooms!

Before we move on further, remember that the benefits of concrete can be enjoyed the most if you are installing the best quality of these through a great team of concrete finishers. Like the concrete sealing in Melbourne via Grind Works is most recommended by their clientele. They are the team of experts knowing each and everything about concrete and even how to install these perfectly in your home so that you get maximum benefits. Now for the pros and cons, keep reading!

ProConcrete is tough on water damage —Bathrooms and water are inseparable. That is why you require flooring that is extremely moisture friendly and doesn’t get damaged because of this factor. With concrete you can stay relieved that it can bear lots of moisture yet and still stay intact

Con — Somewhat slippery and very hard — Yes, the material concrete in itself is very hard and that’s what often gives your feet a tough time too. And when it comes in contact with water, it turns slippery as well. However, there is a fabulous solution for this — acid etching on concrete to make it less slippery and more skid resistant.

Pro — pretty much durable — Normally, a concrete floor has a lifespan of around two decades once installed. And even though you are constantly showering the bathroom with an incredible amount of water, it stays healthy and happy.

Con —easily gets stained —The biggest drawback of concrete floor in bathrooms is that it can be easily stained. The primary characteristic that lets concrete get coloured easily also becomes the negative quality in the times of spills. It can get bleached easily and discoloured — and this can create a really ugly spot.

Pro — Easy to maintain — Concrete is very easy to maintain and clean. You don’t require lots of efforts and expert techniques to make this surface shine and gleam. Just a regular light cleaning is enough to make your bathroom glow.

Con – Naturally cold — Concrete is naturally cold. So, when you install the same in your bathroom, which is already a cool and humid space — it feels cooler. . If you are opting for concrete in your bathroom, you have to install an underground heating system to ensure that your floor stays warmer during the winter months.

Though we couldn’t find more cons of concrete, there are some really fabulous pros of it which we should mention as well. It is a very cost-effective flooring solution, it matches and complements any kinds of interiors and has the power to spruce up your bathroom décor instantly. Well, logically with so many pros and lesser cons, concrete should be your preferred pick for bathroom, what do you think? 

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Answering the Essential Questions About Polished Concrete!

The moment something gets famous, you’ll see a rush of queries springing up about it. The same happened with the polished variant of concrete. When our typical grey shaded and dull concrete got a modern makeover, one of its forms was the polished concrete. And believe us, when it got installed, people got crazy about this floor and almost all the magazines have featured this type of floor in their issues in some way or another. Naturally, when polished concrete is such a big hero in the flooring world, the fans aspiring to add these to their homes have lots of questions and doubts about the champion as well. And we thought of answering some of the most important ones.

Important queries answered about the polished concrete floors!

Whether it is concrete grinding in Melbourne or polishing, these methods involve certain procedures to get the best finished results. And lots of people have lots of questions both about these methods and also about the material. That is why explaining those in detail is essential — and that’s what you’ll find listed below:

o What exactly is polished concrete? —Maybe you already know it or maybe you are misinformed. So, just specifying precisely – polished concrete is not just a sealant or layer on your regular concrete. But it involves a special process of refining your concrete through diamond tooling and grinding. And then you get the best floor with natural sheen on it. And this entire procedure of getting the perfect looking polished concrete flooring in Melbourne via GrindWorks requires a special kind of experience and expertise. And since they are the pioneers in polished concrete work for about four decades now, no one other than them could handle this job better for you.

o Can you polish damaged flooring? — Yes, damaged flooring can be treated in a special way and polished nicely. In fact, this would make these damaged floors look like new again. But in case your floor is extremely damaged, then only a replacement of the floor with polished concrete is possible.

o Is polished concrete safe and anti-skid? —The polished concrete is extremely safe and non slippery. Though your floor shines and looks slippery, but its anti-skid property is an inheritance from its base – concrete — and it is therefore the safest flooring solution so far.

o What is the exact process of getting a polished floor? — When you call the experts for laying the polished concrete, they firstly clean the floor and get rid of the dust and debris on it. Next, they lay a reinforcing base on the floor which ensures that your concrete doesn’t crack before time. Then they prepare a concrete mixture that includes cement, aggregate, water, and colour and pour on the surface. After the levelling process of this concrete is finished, it’s left on the floor for about two days to harden the surface to perfection. (Only then it can bear the further procedure and polish on it.) Now, the professionals bring the heavy duty machine to grind the concrete and get the desired smoothness and shine on the floor. (This can be semi-glossy or extreme one). And lastly, a sealant is added to the floor to lock this sheen and create a super smooth and gleaming layer on the concrete floor.

o Are there any negative points of installing polished concrete? —Yes, like everything else, even polished concrete has its pros and cons. This surface can be very hard and often cause you serious damage when you fall on it. And because it’s a hard surface, it’s difficult to stand on this surface for a long time. Apart from it, these concrete floors can become hot in summer and cold in winter. Also, this material can absorb the moisture from under the ground which leads to the cracks, mould formation, and damage to them after some time.

These queries have been floating in the market for quite some time now. And since you know the answers now, we think your experience about polished concrete flooring would be better now, and you can make an informed choice.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Polishing!

Concrete grinding and polishing are quite a common procedure of treating your floors and giving it a new life! This is a totally cost-effective procedure that hardly requires even much of your time and labour. And these are the vital reasons why you would see the polished concrete floors a part of some top-notch commercial centres and in the lavishly decorated homes as well. But when something is so common, you’ll obviously have lots of doubts about it too.

Answering your doubts about polished concrete!

If you aspire to opt for the polished concrete floors in Melbourne through Grind Works, then you’ll obviously have the best results. They are the best people to do this job with lots of experience and you can freely ask them all the below listed questions about polished concrete:

  1. What is the exact procedure of concrete polishing? — In the process of concrete polishing, first the professionals come to your place and inspect the surface and evaluate the place. They’ll then mend the dents and scratches on the surface and start the process of concrete grinding in Melbourne. After this, they’ll start with polishing the concrete with your preferred finishing.
  2. For how many years does the polished concrete floor last? — Normally, a perfectly polished concrete floor lasts for about two decades. But the life of the same can decrease or increase as per the weather conditions, maintenance, and foot traffic on the same.
  3. Why should I opt for polishing the concrete? — There are many benefits of polishing your concrete. And some of the main reasons are because it adds beauty to the floor, makes it anti-skid, this also increases the lifespan of your floor and provides protection to it from moisture issues.
  4. How to properly maintain the polished concrete? — In order to ensure that the sheen of your polished concrete and the perfect layer on the same lasts longer, do dust, clean, and broom on it on a daily basis. Even mopping the floor with a microfiber cloth is essential to make its shine last longer.
  5. Can I add colour to the polished concrete? — Yes, you can always add the desired patterns and colours to your layer of polished concrete. Just let the contractor know about your preference and they’ll do the needful.
  6. Can damaged or worn-out floors be polished — Yes, polishing can be done on all types of concrete whether it’s new or damaged. But you require repairing the scratches and damage on the floor before polishing it afresh.
  7. Does polish make concrete slippery? — The polished concrete is basically an anti-skid and non-slippery surface. But if there’s a lot of water or slippery items spilled on this surface, then this polished layer turns slippery.
  8. How stain resistant is a polished concrete floor? — The polished concrete floor is absolutely stain-resistant as there are lots of sealants introduced in the polish and laid on the concrete. This prevents the chances of stains appearing on your floor for at least a decade.

 With these FAQs answered, even your doubts about polished concrete seems to be disappearing. So, don’t delay in calling the experts if you intend to go for concrete polishing for your space.

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Bring the Cement Trend Back in Your Home Once Again!

There was a time when concrete was only used in your gardens, garages, driveways, and the exterior part of your home. But slowly and steadily this component entered your home decor and created a massive difference or impact in the decoration world. Now you’ll see it reigning almost all the classy, bohemian, sophisticated, and even chic home decor types because of its natural but unique look. And this concrete, which is also referred to as cement flooring, sometimes becomes an inseparable part of your home décor.

Incredible ideas to incorporate concrete in your home décor!

So, when the cement trend is back in the home décor trend, let’s make it look all the more fabulous and fascinating in your home once again. Let’s not limit the benefits of concrete to your exteriors only. When the material is such a strong one and can look even more alluring with concrete grinding services, then its benefits can be enjoyed more if you try to incorporate it in myriad parts of your home decor.

o   The perfect living room floor — Concrete as floor is unbeatable. And when you are starting to include it in your home décor designs, let’s start with the base itself. Installation of this floor along with a matte look because of a sealant is totally impressive. But if you opt for polished concrete flooring in Melbourne via Grind Works then the magic is absolutely incredible. You will love their work on your living room that gives your concrete a distinct shine and makes it look amazing in your living room.

 o   Concrete as kitchen tops — If your home decor is based on the modern design, a concrete kitchen top or an island would certainly add numbers to your room. Keep it in the basic form and let the other part of the kitchen be painted in your favourite modern colours. If you are using a minimalistic concept here, then the effect is going to be absolutely stunning.

 O A concrete wash basin — Have a huge Victorian bathroom? Don’t worry — an addition of a concrete wash basin is all that you need in your bathroom. It would give it the rustic look that looks extremely phenomenal in any kind of decor — and since its concrete, it’s super strong and the amount of moisture in the washroom doesn’t affect its long life, durability, or beauty.

 o   A concrete bathtub — Shocked? Yes, concrete can be used as your bathtub as well. No matter if it’s a modern bathroom concept or a traditional one, a bathtub made with this material is going to last longer and would look rocking smart in any kind of washroom decor.

 o   A concrete fireplace — Let’s not forget our old friend – the bricks that were once used commonly in our fireplaces. But don’t you think these are too monotonous and require a change? Try using concrete around your fireplace to make it look all the more appealing. Just match the rest of the décor to its shade or keep it neutral or make it bold to stand out, whichever way you go, the effect is going to be powerful.

 So, we borrowed the concrete from our exteriors and ended up making some astounding interior designs with it. And concrete being the all-rounder, never failed us in any of the attempts. Agreed?

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