Cement Floors

Unveiling the Compelling Reasons to Choose Cement Floors for Your Home

The world is taking an exciting turn of events in the current era. With people in fashion, design, art and cinema going back to the traditional styles for a retro appeal and bringing back the trends of the yesteryears for their high aesthetic value, many are appreciating the beauty of the conventional. Homes and their design are no stranger to this phenomenon. Statistically, over 40 per cent of homeowners prefer cement flooring over tiles. 

This transition marks the shift of minimalist design choices into a new era of industrialist and rustic themes in interior design. More than a design shift, it is also a functional alternative due to its durability, sturdiness, integrity and many other factors. Let’s dive into the home design world and explore why people use cement floors over tiles in the present world and time. 

Unmatched Durability

Cement has been the primary choice for any construction work due to its unmatched durability and strength. No other construction material comes close to the immense firmness that cement provides. They provide longevity to your floors and extend their lifespan by a vast margin. Cement ensures your flooring stays free from potential damages and endures harsh conditions without hampering its structural integrity. On the other hand, it is also safe for playful pets and perfect for high heels. Cement can take it all and still be perfect, which is why polished concrete floors in Melbourne have become a popular choice. 

Simple Aesthetic Value

Even though cement is a traditional material, it perfectly balances the modern and retro, as cement floors are highly minimalistic, a modern-day trend. At the same time, cement floors exude an industrialist or rustic charm. Therefore, you can easily incorporate two distinct design themes into your home with cement. The earthy notes of cement add a natural feel to your home; therefore, it is the best choice for people who wish to add a neutral colour palette to their homes. You can elevate the rustic flooring look with a dash of colour with rugs or carpets over the floor. Through this, cement acts as a neutral canvas and provides you with ample space to experiment with colours and change them constantly. 

Temperature Maintenance

Everyone wishes to make their homes feel cosy and comfortable as every homeowner seeks to relax and find peace. To achieve this relaxing feeling meticulously, temperature is of utmost importance. While tile has no temperature regulatory characteristics, Cement, on the other hand, is known for its energy efficiency and temperature management abilities. Do away with the pain of stepping on cold tiles on a chilly winter morning and experience the beauty of cement floors that retain heat efficiently to make you feel comfortable and warm. This feeling also makes your home more inviting for guests and loved ones. 


Compared to tiles, cement floors are deficient in maintenance, require minimal upkeep, turn the home into an oasis of comfort, and instantly enhance the style quotient. They also offer you the liberty of customisation and personalisation by serving as a blank canvas where you can add the colours you like. Owing to all these factors, it’s time to say goodbye to tiles and experience the seamless cement floors with professional help.