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Best Ways to Upgrade Your Concrete Garage Floor

Your garage is also a part of your home and most probably one of the largest rooms in your property. However, your concrete garage floor may look dull and lifeless. You can liven it up in a variety of ways.

Let’s check out the different ways you can improve its looks:

Concrete Overlay

You can create a concrete overlay by adding a fresh and thin coat of concrete directly over the garage floor. This new layer can be designed to look like bricks or wood by adding textures or stamps, giving your garage a whole new look.

Acid-Stained Flooring

Acid strain is essentially a translucent and penetrating stain that slightly etches on your floor. It also permanently alters the colour of the concrete as the acid reacts chemically when mixed with the hydrated lime in the concrete. This is one of the best garage flooring options as it is easy to maintain and resistant to car fluids and dirt.

Add a Splash of Colour to Your Floor

One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your garage floor is by adding a variety of colours to it. You can use concrete dyes and stains to the colour of your floor. These colours are pigmented chemicals that penetrate the concrete. Adding colours directly to the concrete mix is also advisable before your floor is laid.

You can also do a faux wood finish to add an earthly tone to your garage. This step can help your garage floor look aesthetically beautiful and also complement your vehicle or garage decor. You can opt for concrete floor sealing in Melbourne to ensure the colour stays prominent and preserve your flooring from any damage. This can also save your garage floor from stains and abrasions. Choose among floor sealers that create a protective barrier over the concrete surface or penetrate the concrete to protect it.

Use the Imperfections of Concrete Floor to Your Advantage

You can go for a rustic look by utilising the porous nature of concrete. Since concrete floors can easily relieve stains and spills, your floor will have imperfections from day one. Moreover, your garage will also receive a significant amount of vehicle and foot traffic and oil stains.

Instead of trying to perfect your floor, you can use the transient quality of concrete to create a modern rustic look. Alternatively, you can use floor coatings resistant to impacts and abrasions in order to protect your flooring from unsightly premature wear and damage.

So, you have plenty of options to enhance your garage floor. You can give it an artistic touch with a wide variety of customization or choose your favourite and use it for coating or sealing your floor. Make your choice based on where you reside to ensure your flooring lasts long. Happy upgrading!