How to Improve the Durability of the Concrete Floors?

Concrete flooring has stood the test of time, providing maximum durability. However, specialized services are essential for concrete floor maintenance and correcting uneven surfaces. Professional concrete flooring experts help enhance the floors’ aesthetic appeal and durability through grinding and polishing techniques.

It is not hard to maintain concrete floors, provided the right building material is used for construction. However, over time, the floors suffer from wear and tear and accumulated dirt leading to dullness. Here are a few ways which help in maximizing the durability of the concrete floors.

Grinding and polishing of the floors

The aesthetics of the floors are easy to maintain with the help of professional concrete grinding and polishing service. The process smoothens any rough concrete surface creating an even, smooth, and shinier surface. Heavy-duty grinding machines and diamond-impregnated pads are used to create a smooth surface. As the equipment is run on the concrete floor, it removes uneven material and provides better shape and texture to the floor. Once grinding is over, polishing with the help of a penetrant chemical gives the floor the much-needed shine.

Here are some of the advantages of periodic grinding and polishing

  • Polished concrete floors offer a higher degree of durability and maximize the floor’s longevity. The grinding and polishing process removes stains and discoloration while ensuring an even surface.
  • Grinding and polishing of the floor create a durable surface. With regular sweeping and mopping, maintenance becomes easy.
  • It is a cost-effective way to enhance the shine and aesthetics of a place. Grinding helps in the easy removal of concrete stains. It creates a high gloss surface and has reflective properties.
  • Grinding and polishing is an environment-friendly and sustainable option for long-term floor maintenance.

Sealing of the concrete floor

Concrete sealing Melbourne is an effective way to add a layer of protective barrier that improves the longevity of the concrete flooring. The layer of sustainable sealant protects the concrete from damage and makes cleaning easy. Sealing the concrete floor prevents it from moisture damage. A sealant layer offers permanent protection to the concrete floors preserving their original colour. It blocks tiny pores or cracks in the cement, preventing mould growth and mildew.

Application of resin coating

Resin transforms the appearance of the concrete floor and helps in its long-term maintenance while improving its durability. The resins are available in different types majorly, including MMA, epoxy, and polyurethane. The concrete epoxy resin coating of the concrete floor makes it resistant to water and heat, protecting the floors from damage. It gives the much-needed shine and glossy appearance to the concrete floor with the help of the resin coating.

Acid etching process to create a non-slip floor.

An effective way to ensure non-slip floors is using an acid etching process. The acid etching technique uses a mix of 50% water and 50% hydrochloric acid broomed across the concrete surface. As the acid is etched to the concrete, it is washed with high pressure and sealed with a sealer. It is ideal for concrete surfaces around swimming pools, driveways etc.

Summing up

Concrete floor maintenance is easy and convenient with periodic grinding, polishing, and sealing processes. Get in touch with professionals to maximize the longevity of the floors.