New Floors

4 Tips to Maintain the Long Life of Your New Floors

First of all congratulations on the installation of your new floors. And while your floors are exposed to the nit and grit of daily life, nothing can combat your urge and desire to keep your floors looking brand new forever. Here are 6 steps to maintain the shine of your new floors for a longer period of time.

1. Place Down Mats on All the Entrances

Dirt, debris and other grime that comes along with the shoes and sandals, settles and exploits the flooring. The minute dust particles can cause scratches and dents to any type of flooring and that is why it is necessary to put down mats on every entrance so that people coming inside of your house will clean their shoes or even better take them off to avoid the damage.


2. Don’t Let the Spills Seep Through the Wood

Cleaning up fluid spills immediately on a floor does not only prevent accidents like slipping on the slick surface, but also ensure that your floors don’t sustain water damage or get stained. The water seeps through the floor wood and can create a direct pathway to the pests and rodents. 

If you have carpeted floors, it is advised to absorb the spillage with a paper towel or a cloth and then blot the area with the carpet cleaner. Scrubbing the spills can damage the carpet fibres and therefore do not scrub instead, blot the carpet with carpet cleaner and then remove the excess carpet cleaner residue with water.


3. Vacuuming, Sweeping or Mopping is Necessary

Your carpet is exposed to the constant settling dust and debris and if you have children or pets then, be prepared to discover pet hair and other stains on a regular basis. Which is why it is very important to sweep, mop or vacuum your floor properly to keep your floors looking pristine for a longer time.

If you have hardwood, vinyl, or laminated floor then vacuum the surface with extreme care by adjusting the vacuum on the bare floor setting. 


4. Avoid the Use of Harsh Chemicals While Cleaning Floors

We eagerly talk about the importance of cleaning the floors on a regular basis. However, the use of cleaning products with ammonia, bleach, or other harsh chemicals can do more damage. These chemicals can discolour and damage your floor by taking away the shine and making them look worn out. 


Therefore, it is always suggested to use the products that do not contain bleach, ammonia, or other toxic chemicals. Not only that, GrindWorks also offer services of grinding and concrete sealing in Melbourne for your outdoor areas and garages as an adaptive and affordable choice. 

The Takeaway

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