Some Exclusive Home Interior Designing Tips To Try Today

Interior designing has more to it than just selecting a particular colour for the walls or thinking of a false ceiling design or planning plush furniture and furnishings (not to mention the oh-so-pretty accessories). The reality runs deeper than that – from space planning to proper illumination – there is a design theory and current trend to follow. To get a hang of this, you often study dozens of magazines and scroll through hundreds of interior designing websites. But what if you get all these important tips in a single post? Can’t believe it? Well, keep reading.

Cool interior designing tricks coming from the best sources

Now if you are still hesitant about trying our tips, remember, these are coming from the best sources. So, whether we are guiding you about installing a certain accessory in your living room or the idea is to go for acid etching in concrete, these are all tried and tested and have had great results in some of the most impressive homes.

Open plan design is great for small homes — Bigger homes cannot be for all – affordability, space crunch (imagine a mansion in the heart of Manhattan or London or Paris for that matter!), and lifestyle should be factored in. So, when you have a smaller space as your home, create an expansive illusion of space by opting for an open floor plan. It makes your home appear seamless, totally trendy, and charmingly larger as well.

Wall adornment may not only be paint or paper — When you close your eyes and think, you always visualise your walls in either paint or wallpapers. The experts say, break the monotony and go for fabric cladding, leather, or murals on the walls. They have an equally enticing effect but of course with an added Wow factor.

Think differently about your flooring — Whenever you are looking for a catchy, unique home, you think of either wood or tiles as flooring. But the trend today is going gaga over concrete. For homes in Melbourne, concrete polishing by Grind Works shows the best results that totally transform your interiors into an elegant space. Their excellent job in installing, sealing, and polishing concrete does wonders to your floor and adds magic to your interiors.

Pendant lights are great highlighters — The right illumination creates the mood or ambiance of  your interiors. And if it’s a pendant light, you can be sure it’s super unique and totally mesmerising.

Minimalist furniture never fails to create the clean look — When you are too confused as to which type of furniture would suit your home, then simply opt for the minimalist concept. The sleek and smart look of the furniture in a cool and calm colour is enough to make the home appear heavenly (and homely too!).

Mix the furnishings — Your furnishings can be an amalgamation of designs, colours, and styles. These are what help to zone out spaces in your home and also create the cosy feel. Above all, these are easy to change and revamp. Ergo, happily experiment with these.

To conclude, your home should reflect your persona, a place that your heart would feel happy. Trends and design ideas are the broad baselines. The trick that never fails is following your heart and your instincts – it is your home after all!