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How To Protect Your Concrete Floor From Staining?

While there are no arguments about how concrete is a tough and long-lasting material, this material is not indestructible, nor will it last forever.

It can get damaged when subjected to vigorous conditions.

Concrete floors in commercial settings are precisely more vulnerable. They are exposed to heavy traffic, moisture and extreme temperatures. Eventually, it causes it to lose its structural integrity and quality.

So, if you have a thing for redefining your driveways or exteriors with concrete, here’s how to take care of them. Read on to find some tips to protect your concrete from staining. 

Concrete Sealing

It is a treatment where concrete is covered with a liquid coating called a sealant which repels moisture and resists stains. Sealants can be applied once the concrete is completely cured, which takes almost a month after placement by the manufacturer.

Concrete is porous, which can create an uneven surface. Sealing smoothens the surface of concrete and prevents liquid from draining into tiny holes. Hence it provides better resistance against staining and surface damage.

Ultimately, sealing increases the longevity of concrete floors and elongates their life span.

Cleaning Your Concrete Floors

The most important aspect of cleaning a concrete surface is to immediately clean away any spills that occur; liquids like wine or oils can quickly get absorbed and may leave a stain. Few acidic liquids like orange or lemon juice can eat away at the surface of your polished concrete flooring Melbourne.

The expert team of concrete grinding Melbourne also provides quality service in polishing and installing your concrete floors. They are the most trusted and reliable concrete grinders.

Avoid Using Chemicals On The Surface.

When it comes to protecting your concrete flooring, chemical resistant concrete sealer is the key. Since we all know concrete surfaces are susceptible to considerable damage. This is because the pores within the concrete surface often lead to serious damage through chemicals and water exposure.

Protect It With Coating

Painting or coating a concrete floor with epoxy makes it not only attractive but also helps it last longer by protecting it from nasty stains and other corrosive elements.

Steps to follow before painting the concrete surface.

  • Clean the area
  • Fill up all cracks
  • Purchase the right paint
  • Apply two coats
  • Apply an etching solution
  • Moisture Test

Joint Venture

Those gaps between the slabs allow room for the slab to expand and contract as weather conditions change. If those joints are not watertight, water can get under the slab, which can cause them to rise and sink. This stress can crack the slab.

To prevent this, fill the gap with a sealant that is available at any hardware store. Here is how you can do it on your own.

  • Use a utility knife to remove the old felt. Also, you can use a grinder to get it all out.
  • When felt is removed, use a shop vac to collect the debris in the joints.
  • You can also fill the gap with a closed-cell foam backer rod, also known as filler rope.


Poor perimeter drainage, leaky pipes, and climate conditions can also cause damage to concrete. One of the best ways to keep your concrete from staining is the epoxy primer. In addition to this, look up to the above-stated points to have your concrete free from any damage or stains. 

Some Exclusive Home Interior Designing Tips To Try Today

Interior designing has more to it than just selecting a particular colour for the walls or thinking of a false ceiling design or planning plush furniture and furnishings (not to mention the oh-so-pretty accessories). The reality runs deeper than that – from space planning to proper illumination – there is a design theory and current trend to follow. To get a hang of this, you often study dozens of magazines and scroll through hundreds of interior designing websites. But what if you get all these important tips in a single post? Can’t believe it? Well, keep reading.

Cool interior designing tricks coming from the best sources

Now if you are still hesitant about trying our tips, remember, these are coming from the best sources. So, whether we are guiding you about installing a certain accessory in your living room or the idea is to go for acid etching in concrete, these are all tried and tested and have had great results in some of the most impressive homes.

Open plan design is great for small homes — Bigger homes cannot be for all – affordability, space crunch (imagine a mansion in the heart of Manhattan or London or Paris for that matter!), and lifestyle should be factored in. So, when you have a smaller space as your home, create an expansive illusion of space by opting for an open floor plan. It makes your home appear seamless, totally trendy, and charmingly larger as well.

Wall adornment may not only be paint or paper — When you close your eyes and think, you always visualise your walls in either paint or wallpapers. The experts say, break the monotony and go for fabric cladding, leather, or murals on the walls. They have an equally enticing effect but of course with an added Wow factor.

Think differently about your flooring — Whenever you are looking for a catchy, unique home, you think of either wood or tiles as flooring. But the trend today is going gaga over concrete. For homes in Melbourne, concrete polishing by Grind Works shows the best results that totally transform your interiors into an elegant space. Their excellent job in installing, sealing, and polishing concrete does wonders to your floor and adds magic to your interiors.

Pendant lights are great highlighters — The right illumination creates the mood or ambiance of  your interiors. And if it’s a pendant light, you can be sure it’s super unique and totally mesmerising.

Minimalist furniture never fails to create the clean look — When you are too confused as to which type of furniture would suit your home, then simply opt for the minimalist concept. The sleek and smart look of the furniture in a cool and calm colour is enough to make the home appear heavenly (and homely too!).

Mix the furnishings — Your furnishings can be an amalgamation of designs, colours, and styles. These are what help to zone out spaces in your home and also create the cosy feel. Above all, these are easy to change and revamp. Ergo, happily experiment with these.

To conclude, your home should reflect your persona, a place that your heart would feel happy. Trends and design ideas are the broad baselines. The trick that never fails is following your heart and your instincts – it is your home after all!

The Trendy Home Décor Designs that the Pandemic Brought About

One thing is for sure! Life is never going to be the same post pandemic. Apart from adapting to the new normal, we have also seen some mindful changes in the home décor trends. Why? Because people are more concerned about staying indoors for the maximum amount of time and it’s necessary to create a house that is completely functional and even brings some elements of outdoors inside. Well, we thought of collecting all those recent trending ideas in a post so that you can adorn your home likewise.

Some Home Décor Trends to Try This Year and After It

If this pandemic instigated you to redesign your home as well, then you’re surely looking for some trending ideas to embrace in your home décor theme. Well, from guiding you about concrete polishing in Melbourne to adopting a certain kind of furniture and picking a particular style of floor plan, we’ve got them all covered.

Biophilic Design – Biophilic basically means embracing nature as a closer participant in the home architecture and not just keeping it as a secondary element in the house. Today, lots of designers and homeowners prefer biophilic design trends in their house to feel as close to nature as they can. You can try growing some really interesting plants indoors, assign some space for your balcony, and even build an energy efficient home by circulating more natural light and air around the house. In a nutshell, you’re bringing the outdoors in, and this is going to be the future of home décor as well. (As the experts predict.)

Cement in the House – Well, another practical change this pandemic brought about in the home décor world is making more space for cement or concrete in the house. Earlier, it was limited to only the porch and driveway, but today distressed theme décor is trending and making people feel more comfortable for it reduces the maintenance tasks. You’ll see concrete in the bathroom spaces such as sink and vanity counters, as kitchen islands, floors in the entire house in the form of polished concrete floor in Melbourne via Grind Works and so on. They definitely are pioneers in installing the most alluring form of concrete in your home and turn it into an ideal living space for all.

Broken Living Space Plans – Since pandemic brought everybody indoors at the same time, privacy was an important matter to consider in the homes. The houses with open floor plans suffered a lot. That’s why the trending living space plan henceforth is more diverted towards a broken floor plan that creates a boundary between rooms. This also fulfils the requirement of a separate space for home office since most people are working from home now. 

Extra Appealing Décor Items – Well, plain and minimalist décor design surely made everyone turn sour this lockdown – people wanted pizzazz. So, there is actually a great fluctuation here and home designers are incorporating as many trendy variants in designs and patterns as they can. And one thing is for sure – these should be unique and alluring like an exclusive looking abstract art or a vibrant looking decorative sculpture and so on.

Now that the fear of staying outdoors prevails so much, everyone is busy turning the indoors as magnificent and entertaining as possible – and of course, relaxing. This also leaves a lot of room for gardening to keep everyone busy, adding an entertaining space like a game room in the house, adding mood lighting for a lovely effect, and so on.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Choosing The Right Floor Solution For Your Home!

There has been a revolution in the flooring materials and styles recently. It is natural to get confused when choosing the right floor solution for your home. Sometimes you are confused at the time of buying the new floors; and at times you are doubtful about the treatment to opt for the beautification of the floor. A good list of dos and don’t at this time is certainly very welcoming, isn’t it?

Ø Tips For The Ideal Floor Solution For Your Home:

When it comes to beautifying your house, even pretty small matters like whether to opt for concrete grinding and polishing on your old floors or installing new ones seems confusing. What if the results aren’t as expected! So many doubts tend to hinder your thoughts. Well, to help you out in sorting such floor beautifying issues and even selecting the right floor type for your home, we have got a brief list of dos and don’ts.

o   Do consider your home’s layout when selecting a type of floor — When you intend to install a new floor in your home do remember to consider your house’s layout in your mind. Accordingly pick the tile or concrete or timber that seems the most suitable for your home. Like, if you are going for an open floor plan, choosing a similar tile or concrete for the entire house gives it a clean and seamless look.

o   Don’t forget the house decor theme when revamping or replacing the floor — Sometimes you don’t go for an entire house renovation, you just revamp your floor for a new look. But even when you are doing so, don’t forget to keep your decor theme in mind. Like, if you are opting for a certain polished concrete in Melbourne via GrindWorks, you should pick the stain matching your house décor. They do a fabulous job of beautifying and renovating your concrete and making it look new all over again. The same logic applies when you are polishing your hardwood floors. Similarly, if you are opting for new tiles, remember to pick the design or colour that matches your interiors well.

o   Do keep the weather conditions in mind —When you are selecting a new floor for your home, remember to keep the weather conditions in mind. Like, if your house is in a region where you see lots of rainfall, then opting for a hardwood floor wouldn’t be wise.

o   Don’t forget your lifestyle when renovating — Often when revamping your floor, you tend to pick a style that is not suitable for your lifestyle. Like, if you go for an entirely smooth polished finish on your concrete, it might be very slippery and not at all kid-friendly. So, you should better go for an exposed aggregate solution instead or any other treatment that is more suitable for your lifestyle.

These tips will definitely reduce your confusion when you are revamping or replacing your floor. Remember, the floor is a very prominent part of your home. Never take any decision regarding it in a hurry or in a state of confusion.

Essential Points to Consider when Sealing the Concrete!

Does your home exterior have concrete floors in a substantial area? Well, then the ground near the pool, the driveway, and other parts require a special treatment to maintain its beauty for long. This process is called sealing the concrete. And if we aren’t wrong, you may have already heard about this term the day you installed this floor in your property. It’s an essential process that guarantees a shield on your concrete floor against weather and other external damages. But all these happen only if you take note of some very important things when carrying out this procedure.

Important considerations when sealing the concrete floors!

Like any other surface material, concrete too needs some care and caution, no matter how minimal. Like, if you go for acid etching on concrete, it actually gives you tremendous positive results in making the floor appear cleaner and shinier. But, sealing the surface remains a primary concern as well. And if you want to ensure that your procedure of sealing the concrete turnouts perfectly well, then there are some important things to keep in mind while doing so.

o   A clean and dry surface — Whether you are doing it all by yourself or you are calling the professionals for concrete sealing in Melbourne from GrindWorks, remember to clean and dry the surface first. Then they’ll carry out this task of sealing this surface seamlessly within a very short period of time and provide you the best results. As a family-owned small business, their aim is to provide you personalised service right from the consultation to the service, for they take pride in their reputation. They offer top-grade concrete floor preparation, polishing, grinding, acid etching etc. However, if the floor is dirty and still wet, you’ll only waste the sealant on this surface along with the time and efforts of the professionals.

 o   If its new concrete – let it dry — Just as keeping the old concrete surface dry is important before the sealing process, ensure that if it’s freshly laid concrete, it’s totally dry before you carry out this step to guarantee best results.

 o   Avoid humid and wet weather — For better application and quicker drying process, remember to carry out the sealing process only during dry weather. Wait for the dry and sunny days.

 o   Thin layer of sealant is highly recommended— Our experts say, the best results and even application of the sealants is possible only if you apply them in thin layers. So, try to create a neat and really fine film of sealant when applying on the concrete.

 o   A second coat is highly recommended — No matter how much you try, sometimes some areas of a concrete floor remain unsealed. That is why it is highly recommended to go for a double layer for better results.

 o   Always pick the sealant according to your floor — You will get different variants of sealants for distinct types of concrete. Like — there would be myriad kinds of sealants each for coloured concrete, exposed aggregate surface, etc. According to your floor, pick the suitable sealant.

Sealing concrete so far remains a fabulous solution to ensure its extended durability and presentation. So, ensure you are doing it all perfectly – we are sure, our pointers would help.

Polished Concrete Floor
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Keeping your polished Concrete Floors Stunning: 6 Tips you can’t skip!

Many property owners make the mistake of thinking that concrete floors come with no maintenance.

Well, it’s a fact that concrete floors are sturdy and durable, but they do need minimum care to stay put for years to come. Whether you have recently installed polished concrete flooring in Melbourne or have had one for years, we bring you an easy-to-follow regimen that will help keep your floors looking next-to-new always.

You need a proper cleaning schedule in place

Consistency is crucial to the successful restoration of your dull-looking concrete floors or preventing them from reaching that state in the first place. Read on to lay your hands on simple ways to maintain your concrete floors.

Regular Cleaning

Any cleaning routine is as good as the equipment and solutions used for it. That said, there are two ways to go about this:

  • Manual cleaning
  • Automatic equipment cleaning

Manual cleaning requires efforts on the part of the person undertaking the job. The floor must be dust mopped every day to keep dust and dirt at bay.

When wet mopping, microfiber clean mop and water should be used. In case there is too much grime and dirt on the floor, you can also use a neutral cleaning solution that will break and dissolve the filth, leaving behind beautiful floors.

When talking about automatic equipment cleaning, the machine you use must have soft and non-abrasive pads. Also, the wheels on such equipment should be rubber so it doesn’t damage your polished concrete floors. Again, you can use neutral cleaning solutions with such tools for achieving desirable results.

Concrete grinding & polishing

If your concrete floor needs a professional’s touch to restore its former glory, we suggest you hire a specialist of concrete grinding & polishing.

Grinding and polishing ensures strength and durability and reduces the need for high-end maintenance. You get to choose from different finishes which instantly uplift the look of your floors.

Sealing the deal

After polishing, your floors should be preserved for a few days so the sealers can do their job well. That said, make sure you give the sealers enough time to cure. Once that’s done, follow the first step to reduce the need for grinding & polishing along with sealer reapplication.

Why should you choose polished concrete floors?

If you are here to figure whether the polished concrete floor is the right pick for you or not, we can tell you that it’s a popular choice throughout the UK.

  • Attractive appearance with several finishes at your disposal
  • Durable
  • An environmentally friendly flooring option
  • Easy maintenance
  • Desirable for both residential and commercial properties

With this guide by your side, give your floors the care and love they deserve to stay in shape for several years to come. We hope these tips work well for you.

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Here’s How You Can Maximize The Perks Of Your Backyard

Australia enjoys a sunny climate with mild winters and warm summers, perfect for spending time in the great outdoors. That’s the reason why Australians fancy the idea of exceptional outdoor entertaining areas.

That said if you are a homeowner looking for ways to make the most of your backyard, check out these tips.

Lawn Maintenance

What looks better than lush green grass? A well-maintained lawn can increase your home’s value. Therefore, you must ensure proper maintenance regularly so that your lawn stays healthy. 


One of the most effective ways to entice potential buyers is to invest in landscaping.

Good landscaping has tons of benefits. It allows you to make better use of the outside space available. It also allows for easier navigation through the yard. 

More than making your abode attractive, landscaping gives you peace, privacy, and an opportunity to be environmentally conscious.

Miniature Fish Pond

A well-built miniature fish pond can increase the street appeal of your property and boost its resale value. So, if you have the space for it, you should consider it.

Accessorise the pond by incorporating landscaping elements like rocks and plants, and of course the fish! Not to sound like a broken record but the results will surprise you, and leave you with a backyard you’d love spending your free time in.


Your kids will love the idea of having a fully-functioning treehouse in the backyard. Not to mention, the wonders it will do for your property’s value.

That said, consult with an expert and get your treehouse beautifully designed. If you love hosting outdoor parties, you can consider getting an adult treehouse. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Imagine Friday night dinners, casual lunches, and birthday parties in your amazing tree fort.

NOTE: Make sure the treehouse is easily accessible. Give it a proper entrance so that people can enter and exit safely.

Outdoor Room

Another way by which you can give your backyard a huge boost is by creating an outdoor room or alfresco area. A well-considered outdoor area can be a beautiful extension of your home. That said, opt for hassle-free grinding services for your entertaining area to uplift the curb appeal of your home. Employ services for concrete sealing in Melbourne to create a seamless transition between the indoors and out. When you grind and seal a concrete floor, it makes the concrete “non-porous”. As a result, it does not stain easily and the aesthetic value of the floor can be maintained with minimal effort.

When hiring experts for polished concrete in Melbourne, make sure you trust only professionals. 

Consider external louvers in similar colours and finishes to make sure your outdoor space complements the rest of your house. 

Great alfresco design can help you maximize your living space and make the most of your outdoor room. Not to forget, an outdoor kitchen can be a beautiful addition to your backyard.

Here you have them — Ways to maximize the perks of your backyard.

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Why is concrete a popular option for floors and driveways?

Concrete is a common flooring material prefered by offices, homes, outdoor entertainment areas and other types of buildings. 


Here are a few reasons behind the consistent popularity of concrete floors and driveways.



Concrete is one of the hardest and durable materials out there. If properly installed and maintained, a concrete floor can last for a long time, even in high-traffic and harsh environments. It’s much more durable than something like asphalt or wood. 



Whether you’re looking for material for your driveway or hallway, concrete is a versatile option. It’s not only suitable for indoor and outdoor flooring but also makes an excellent option for worktops and other surfaces. 


Ease of Maintenance

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, concrete flooring is the one for you. After the initial concrete grinding and polishing, it requires low year-to-year maintenance. Moreover, concrete is pretty easy to clean! Liquid detergent or any other gentle cleanser along with water is enough to keep your concrete surfaces clean.


Speedy Installation

In comparison to wood or stone, concrete floors and driveways can be installed quickly. This also makes it a less labour-intensive installation. 


Visual Appeal

Concrete can be styled to suit your aesthetic requirements. For instance, acid etching concrete is a lovely choice for swimming pools, outdoor entertainment areas, pathways and driveways. It’s visually appealing as well as a non-slippery option for wet areas.


Slip Resistant

Unlike stone or brick, concrete can be designed to offer slip resistance. Especially for areas with frequent rain or snow, concrete is a high-traction material that will ensure safety.



Concrete floors and driveways can be constructed according to your budget. The most basic concrete installations are available at affordable rates, while fancy add-ons and styles will cost you more.


Damp Resistant

Properly sealed concrete surfaces offer high damp resistance. 


Are you wondering if concrete is a suitable option for your requirements? Let the experts at GrindWorks help you. Get in touch with us today.

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All you must know about Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are the latest trends. Get a complete overview of polished concrete floors with this blog. Also, learn about its benefits and maintenance. 

Polished concrete has emerged as the new trend of ultimate no-wax flooring material. With all the right floor polishing equipment, contractors carry on the concrete sealing Melbourne and levelling work. They are proficient in transforming concrete floor surfaces into a high-gloss finish that won’t require any additional waxes or coatings. 

Polished Concrete Floors can be used in the following places: 

  • Retail Stores 
  • Office buildings
  • Auto showrooms
  • Large warehouses and warehouse outlets
  • Private residencies
  • Hotels & restaurants


Benefits of Polished Concrete 

Most of the facilities, which include big-box stores, retailers, homeowners, medical and educational facilities, choose polished concrete for their floor finish because polished floorings present a competitive advantage over other types of floor coverings. 

The decorative concrete available in the form of polished floors has now become a common choice of getting a great value flooring and which is entirely aesthetically pleasing. 

Apart from being cost-effective and alluring, there exists many  other benefits of these floorings. Let’s list down the benefits of polished concrete residential and commercial individually: 

Benefits on Residential Properties 

Ease of cleanliness: polished concrete won’t harbour dirt, dust, allergens. 

More extended life-cycle savings: they’re quite durable than other competitive alternatives. Polished concrete with proper sealing is not as vulnerable to damage as other materials. They can last for a long time and do not need replacing. 

Benefits on Commercial Properties 

Less maintenance: Polished floors being resistant to dust, allergens, and dirt are quite easy to clean. They can be cleaned only with occasional damp mopping. As a result, they will eliminate the need for messy coatings or waxes. Moreover, the glossy surface of these polished concrete resists the marks of forklift truck tires and another staining from chemical or oil spills. 

Light Reflectivity: Some businesses demand to portray a clean, bright, and professional image. They can install this polished concrete instead of opting expensive artificial lightning. It’s useful for hotels, office building floors, and restaurants.

A few heavy-duty machines are used to gradually grind down a concrete surface desired to your degree of smoothness and shine. To achieve the surface quality similar to sanding wood, you will need to hire a team of experienced grinders who can also assist you with concrete levelling in Melbourne

Well, you’re currently on the webpage of such grinders. Please call us for more information!

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