The Trendy Home Décor Designs that the Pandemic Brought About

One thing is for sure! Life is never going to be the same post pandemic. Apart from adapting to the new normal, we have also seen some mindful changes in the home décor trends. Why? Because people are more concerned about staying indoors for the maximum amount of time and it’s necessary to create a house that is completely functional and even brings some elements of outdoors inside. Well, we thought of collecting all those recent trending ideas in a post so that you can adorn your home likewise.

Some Home Décor Trends to Try This Year and After It

If this pandemic instigated you to redesign your home as well, then you’re surely looking for some trending ideas to embrace in your home décor theme. Well, from guiding you about concrete polishing in Melbourne to adopting a certain kind of furniture and picking a particular style of floor plan, we’ve got them all covered.

Biophilic Design – Biophilic basically means embracing nature as a closer participant in the home architecture and not just keeping it as a secondary element in the house. Today, lots of designers and homeowners prefer biophilic design trends in their house to feel as close to nature as they can. You can try growing some really interesting plants indoors, assign some space for your balcony, and even build an energy efficient home by circulating more natural light and air around the house. In a nutshell, you’re bringing the outdoors in, and this is going to be the future of home décor as well. (As the experts predict.)

Cement in the House – Well, another practical change this pandemic brought about in the home décor world is making more space for cement or concrete in the house. Earlier, it was limited to only the porch and driveway, but today distressed theme décor is trending and making people feel more comfortable for it reduces the maintenance tasks. You’ll see concrete in the bathroom spaces such as sink and vanity counters, as kitchen islands, floors in the entire house in the form of polished concrete floor in Melbourne via Grind Works and so on. They definitely are pioneers in installing the most alluring form of concrete in your home and turn it into an ideal living space for all.

Broken Living Space Plans – Since pandemic brought everybody indoors at the same time, privacy was an important matter to consider in the homes. The houses with open floor plans suffered a lot. That’s why the trending living space plan henceforth is more diverted towards a broken floor plan that creates a boundary between rooms. This also fulfils the requirement of a separate space for home office since most people are working from home now. 

Extra Appealing Décor Items – Well, plain and minimalist décor design surely made everyone turn sour this lockdown – people wanted pizzazz. So, there is actually a great fluctuation here and home designers are incorporating as many trendy variants in designs and patterns as they can. And one thing is for sure – these should be unique and alluring like an exclusive looking abstract art or a vibrant looking decorative sculpture and so on.

Now that the fear of staying outdoors prevails so much, everyone is busy turning the indoors as magnificent and entertaining as possible – and of course, relaxing. This also leaves a lot of room for gardening to keep everyone busy, adding an entertaining space like a game room in the house, adding mood lighting for a lovely effect, and so on.