Essential Points to Consider when Sealing the Concrete!

Does your home exterior have concrete floors in a substantial area? Well, then the ground near the pool, the driveway, and other parts require a special treatment to maintain its beauty for long. This process is called sealing the concrete. And if we aren’t wrong, you may have already heard about this term the day you installed this floor in your property. It’s an essential process that guarantees a shield on your concrete floor against weather and other external damages. But all these happen only if you take note of some very important things when carrying out this procedure.

Important considerations when sealing the concrete floors!

Like any other surface material, concrete too needs some care and caution, no matter how minimal. Like, if you go for acid etching on concrete, it actually gives you tremendous positive results in making the floor appear cleaner and shinier. But, sealing the surface remains a primary concern as well. And if you want to ensure that your procedure of sealing the concrete turnouts perfectly well, then there are some important things to keep in mind while doing so.

o   A clean and dry surface — Whether you are doing it all by yourself or you are calling the professionals for concrete sealing in Melbourne from GrindWorks, remember to clean and dry the surface first. Then they’ll carry out this task of sealing this surface seamlessly within a very short period of time and provide you the best results. As a family-owned small business, their aim is to provide you personalised service right from the consultation to the service, for they take pride in their reputation. They offer top-grade concrete floor preparation, polishing, grinding, acid etching etc. However, if the floor is dirty and still wet, you’ll only waste the sealant on this surface along with the time and efforts of the professionals.

 o   If its new concrete – let it dry — Just as keeping the old concrete surface dry is important before the sealing process, ensure that if it’s freshly laid concrete, it’s totally dry before you carry out this step to guarantee best results.

 o   Avoid humid and wet weather — For better application and quicker drying process, remember to carry out the sealing process only during dry weather. Wait for the dry and sunny days.

 o   Thin layer of sealant is highly recommended— Our experts say, the best results and even application of the sealants is possible only if you apply them in thin layers. So, try to create a neat and really fine film of sealant when applying on the concrete.

 o   A second coat is highly recommended — No matter how much you try, sometimes some areas of a concrete floor remain unsealed. That is why it is highly recommended to go for a double layer for better results.

 o   Always pick the sealant according to your floor — You will get different variants of sealants for distinct types of concrete. Like — there would be myriad kinds of sealants each for coloured concrete, exposed aggregate surface, etc. According to your floor, pick the suitable sealant.

Sealing concrete so far remains a fabulous solution to ensure its extended durability and presentation. So, ensure you are doing it all perfectly – we are sure, our pointers would help.