Polished Concrete Floor

Keeping your polished Concrete Floors Stunning: 6 Tips you can’t skip!

Many property owners make the mistake of thinking that concrete floors come with no maintenance.

Well, it’s a fact that concrete floors are sturdy and durable, but they do need minimum care to stay put for years to come. Whether you have recently installed polished concrete flooring in Melbourne or have had one for years, we bring you an easy-to-follow regimen that will help keep your floors looking next-to-new always.

You need a proper cleaning schedule in place

Consistency is crucial to the successful restoration of your dull-looking concrete floors or preventing them from reaching that state in the first place. Read on to lay your hands on simple ways to maintain your concrete floors.

Regular Cleaning

Any cleaning routine is as good as the equipment and solutions used for it. That said, there are two ways to go about this:

  • Manual cleaning
  • Automatic equipment cleaning

Manual cleaning requires efforts on the part of the person undertaking the job. The floor must be dust mopped every day to keep dust and dirt at bay.

When wet mopping, microfiber clean mop and water should be used. In case there is too much grime and dirt on the floor, you can also use a neutral cleaning solution that will break and dissolve the filth, leaving behind beautiful floors.

When talking about automatic equipment cleaning, the machine you use must have soft and non-abrasive pads. Also, the wheels on such equipment should be rubber so it doesn’t damage your polished concrete floors. Again, you can use neutral cleaning solutions with such tools for achieving desirable results.

Concrete grinding & polishing

If your concrete floor needs a professional’s touch to restore its former glory, we suggest you hire a specialist of concrete grinding & polishing.

Grinding and polishing ensures strength and durability and reduces the need for high-end maintenance. You get to choose from different finishes which instantly uplift the look of your floors.

Sealing the deal

After polishing, your floors should be preserved for a few days so the sealers can do their job well. That said, make sure you give the sealers enough time to cure. Once that’s done, follow the first step to reduce the need for grinding & polishing along with sealer reapplication.

Why should you choose polished concrete floors?

If you are here to figure whether the polished concrete floor is the right pick for you or not, we can tell you that it’s a popular choice throughout the UK.

  • Attractive appearance with several finishes at your disposal
  • Durable
  • An environmentally friendly flooring option
  • Easy maintenance
  • Desirable for both residential and commercial properties

With this guide by your side, give your floors the care and love they deserve to stay in shape for several years to come. We hope these tips work well for you.