Cement Floors

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Polishing!

Concrete grinding and polishing are quite a common procedure of treating your floors and giving it a new life! This is a totally cost-effective procedure that hardly requires even much of your time and labour. And these are the vital reasons why you would see the polished concrete floors a part of some top-notch commercial centres and in the lavishly decorated homes as well. But when something is so common, you’ll obviously have lots of doubts about it too.

Answering your doubts about polished concrete!

If you aspire to opt for the polished concrete floors in Melbourne through Grind Works, then you’ll obviously have the best results. They are the best people to do this job with lots of experience and you can freely ask them all the below listed questions about polished concrete:

  1. What is the exact procedure of concrete polishing? — In the process of concrete polishing, first the professionals come to your place and inspect the surface and evaluate the place. They’ll then mend the dents and scratches on the surface and start the process of concrete grinding in Melbourne. After this, they’ll start with polishing the concrete with your preferred finishing.
  2. For how many years does the polished concrete floor last? — Normally, a perfectly polished concrete floor lasts for about two decades. But the life of the same can decrease or increase as per the weather conditions, maintenance, and foot traffic on the same.
  3. Why should I opt for polishing the concrete? — There are many benefits of polishing your concrete. And some of the main reasons are because it adds beauty to the floor, makes it anti-skid, this also increases the lifespan of your floor and provides protection to it from moisture issues.
  4. How to properly maintain the polished concrete? — In order to ensure that the sheen of your polished concrete and the perfect layer on the same lasts longer, do dust, clean, and broom on it on a daily basis. Even mopping the floor with a microfiber cloth is essential to make its shine last longer.
  5. Can I add colour to the polished concrete? — Yes, you can always add the desired patterns and colours to your layer of polished concrete. Just let the contractor know about your preference and they’ll do the needful.
  6. Can damaged or worn-out floors be polished — Yes, polishing can be done on all types of concrete whether it’s new or damaged. But you require repairing the scratches and damage on the floor before polishing it afresh.
  7. Does polish make concrete slippery? — The polished concrete is basically an anti-skid and non-slippery surface. But if there’s a lot of water or slippery items spilled on this surface, then this polished layer turns slippery.
  8. How stain resistant is a polished concrete floor? — The polished concrete floor is absolutely stain-resistant as there are lots of sealants introduced in the polish and laid on the concrete. This prevents the chances of stains appearing on your floor for at least a decade.

 With these FAQs answered, even your doubts about polished concrete seems to be disappearing. So, don’t delay in calling the experts if you intend to go for concrete polishing for your space.