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Answering the Essential Questions About Polished Concrete!

The moment something gets famous, you’ll see a rush of queries springing up about it. The same happened with the polished variant of concrete. When our typical grey shaded and dull concrete got a modern makeover, one of its forms was the polished concrete. And believe us, when it got installed, people got crazy about this floor and almost all the magazines have featured this type of floor in their issues in some way or another. Naturally, when polished concrete is such a big hero in the flooring world, the fans aspiring to add these to their homes have lots of questions and doubts about the champion as well. And we thought of answering some of the most important ones.

Important queries answered about the polished concrete floors!

Whether it is concrete grinding in Melbourne or polishing, these methods involve certain procedures to get the best finished results. And lots of people have lots of questions both about these methods and also about the material. That is why explaining those in detail is essential — and that’s what you’ll find listed below:

o What exactly is polished concrete? —Maybe you already know it or maybe you are misinformed. So, just specifying precisely – polished concrete is not just a sealant or layer on your regular concrete. But it involves a special process of refining your concrete through diamond tooling and grinding. And then you get the best floor with natural sheen on it. And this entire procedure of getting the perfect looking polished concrete flooring in Melbourne via GrindWorks requires a special kind of experience and expertise. And since they are the pioneers in polished concrete work for about four decades now, no one other than them could handle this job better for you.

o Can you polish damaged flooring? — Yes, damaged flooring can be treated in a special way and polished nicely. In fact, this would make these damaged floors look like new again. But in case your floor is extremely damaged, then only a replacement of the floor with polished concrete is possible.

o Is polished concrete safe and anti-skid? —The polished concrete is extremely safe and non slippery. Though your floor shines and looks slippery, but its anti-skid property is an inheritance from its base – concrete — and it is therefore the safest flooring solution so far.

o What is the exact process of getting a polished floor? — When you call the experts for laying the polished concrete, they firstly clean the floor and get rid of the dust and debris on it. Next, they lay a reinforcing base on the floor which ensures that your concrete doesn’t crack before time. Then they prepare a concrete mixture that includes cement, aggregate, water, and colour and pour on the surface. After the levelling process of this concrete is finished, it’s left on the floor for about two days to harden the surface to perfection. (Only then it can bear the further procedure and polish on it.) Now, the professionals bring the heavy duty machine to grind the concrete and get the desired smoothness and shine on the floor. (This can be semi-glossy or extreme one). And lastly, a sealant is added to the floor to lock this sheen and create a super smooth and gleaming layer on the concrete floor.

o Are there any negative points of installing polished concrete? —Yes, like everything else, even polished concrete has its pros and cons. This surface can be very hard and often cause you serious damage when you fall on it. And because it’s a hard surface, it’s difficult to stand on this surface for a long time. Apart from it, these concrete floors can become hot in summer and cold in winter. Also, this material can absorb the moisture from under the ground which leads to the cracks, mould formation, and damage to them after some time.

These queries have been floating in the market for quite some time now. And since you know the answers now, we think your experience about polished concrete flooring would be better now, and you can make an informed choice.