Dominating choice for flooring

Difference Between Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Concrete has been a dominating choice for flooring. It offers better durability, easy maintenance, and an outstanding appearance.

Although when looking for exposed concrete floor construction services, you face two choices for a better result: concrete grinding and polishing. Both seem great options and identical, but which is the ideal choice for you?

Well, we have compared both these options on certain necessary aspects. So that you can make the right choice for yourself, read further to know more.

Concrete Grinding

This process is self-explanatory and involves grinding concrete with engineered concrete floor surface grinders. It is done to remove contaminants from the concrete slab. Then the slab is sealed using tropical sealing.

Concrete Polishing

It is a very labour-intensive process, which involves honing and polishing the surface of an already constructed concrete slab. The process is done using engineered floor grinders fitted with industrial diamond abrasives. The process goes on till a desired level of shine is achieved.

Concrete Grinding vs Concrete Polishing

Now you are aware of both processes. It is time to answer the most important question, the difference between vs concrete polishing vs concrete grinding in Melbourne.

We have compared both on various aspects like longevity, appearance, affordability and which one is more prone to staining for better understanding.


Concrete flooring is known for its impressive life expectancy and extreme durability, so the first factor for comparison of both its finishing processes is their durability.

Polished concrete is way more durable than grind and sealed concrete. If your space expects heavy traffic, then concrete polishing is a much better choice for you, and if it expects moderate to low traffic, grinding and sealing will work as well.

When it comes to maintenance for better durability and reliability, polished concrete requires minimal maintenance. It will also last a long time when properly cared for and maintained. On the other hand, the reapplication of sealing needs to be done every other year.


If your space is prone to staining due to oil, grease, or spills, then sealed concrete floors are a much better option than polished concrete. As sealed concrete floors are easier to clean and repellent to staining caused by constant spilling.


When appearance is considered, both options are identical and may require a close look to differentiate. Both polished and grind/seal concrete floors can have a matte, satin, or gloss finish. But the process to achieve this appearance is completely different. For sealed concrete, tropical sealing is applied, whereas for the other, polishing is done using finer grits of diamond abrasives for the shine.


Polishing concrete is a highly labour-intensive process. Therefore it costs more and requires more time and effort. In comparison, grind/seal is a much more affordable option. So, if you are looking for a more pocket-friendly option, then grinding and sealing will be a better choice for you.


Both processes are different in every aspect but have a similar appearance. It is up to you which you find more suitable for your concrete floors, depending on the affordability, durability, and reliability.